Marketing Research

Obtain the important Marketing Research that your company needs.

Identify and analyze market trends, market size, and your company’s competitive landscape.

Marketing Research, including social and opinion research, involves the systematic gathering of information about individuals or organizations using statistical methods and applied social science techniques to gain insights and support your market decisions.

A key component of any business strategy, this information is fundamental to maintain your company’s competitiveness.

Additionally, Marketing Research may encompass qualitative techniques such as focus groups, and in- depth interviews and ethnography, or quantitative techniques like customer surveys or analysis of secondary data. This can be used to make more informed decisions that can both help you business now and in the future.

What sets the ABC Research Group apart from other providers?

  1. ABC Marketing offers a specialized research staff and facility that is equipped to deal with two major markets – the US market – both the English and Spanish segments – and the Spanish speaking Latin American markets. We can also provide surveys in Portuguese when required.
  2. Our research staff is strong in CATI telephone (computer-assisted telephone interviewing), online and hybrid methodologies, as well as standards and quality controls.
  3. For Marketing Research, ABC Marketing Services provides very competitive pricing while being compliant with MRA, CASRO and ESOMAR standards.
  4. Extensive experience conducting trackers, segmentation and A&U studies, copy tests and concept testing as well as panel related functions such as recruiting, prompting, etc.  Experience with multi-modal research.
  5. Key members of the team have been engaged in multicultural research for over 35 years at important research companies and have received numerous awards for past work including Marketing Research Association (MRA) — Meritorious Service to the Marketing Research Profession (2013).
  6. The research facility is fully equipped for call center operations, as well as coding, translation, survey programming, data collection, data processing and report writing.

Stay competitive. Reap the benefits of increased market knowledge carried out by experienced research professionals at a reasonable cost.

Since 1996, ABC Marketing Services offers innovative marketing research solutions to help businesses serve their customers better.

Besides Marketing Research, ABC has launched hundreds of successful campaigns for Customer care, Help Desk, Technical Support, Surveys, Appointment-setting, Outbound Sales and Lead Gen in numerous verticals.

If your business is in need of lead generation services, or any additional call center services, contact ABC Marketing Services today.