Lead Generation Services

Quality leads and prospects are a fundamental part of any consumer or business-focused sales effort

Wondering how to provide your sales team a steady stream of prequalified leads and sales prospects in a cost-effective way?

Looking to integrate Internet, Radio, TV, and Call center into your prospecting effort, but not sure how to go about it?

Worried about the hassles of selecting, recruiting and maintaining a lead generation team in-house?

ABC Marketing Services combines voice calls with any number of other services to improve the productivity of the lead generation effort

  1. Direct Marketing through mailers, post cards, radio and TV media, voice mails, IVR messages on telecom;
  2. Prequalified Internet leads generated through any number of methods that may include Site co-registration, Specialized landing pages, Banners and Contextual ads, Ad word purchases, Integration with Social networks, Search engine optimization techniques, mobile search and retargeting.
  3. Specialized US databases, filtered for any number of demographic characteristics.

Avoid the hassles of running your own Lead Generation program 

Since 1996, ABC Marketing Services offers low-priced, innovative lead generation solutions to help businesses locate and sell their key customers.  Besides Lead Generation services, ABC has launched hundreds of successful campaigns for Customer care, Help desk, Technical Support, Surveys, Appointment-setting, and Outbound Sales in numerous verticals.

If your growing business is in need of lead generation services, marketing research, or any additional call center services, contact us at ABC Marketing Services today.