Help Desk

Providing quality Help Desk services to your customers is a fundamental part of achieving high levels of "customer satisfaction".

Wondering how to provide quality help desk services to your growing client base in a cost-effective way?

Looking to integrate Voice, Chat and E-Mail response into your offering, but not sure how to go about it?

Worried about the high cost and hassles of covering 18-24 hours/day, 5-7 days a week?

What sets ABC apart from other Help Desk providers?

  1. The very best rates and flexible pricing that runs the range from fully dedicated agents to shared agent priced per subscriber, per call or per device;
  2. A strong service attitude, familiarity with the provisioning of help desk service covering 12/5 to 24/7 via phone, text, email and live chat;
  3. Secure and redundant call center infrastructure, and a flexible staffing model that can adjust to expected peaks, seasonable changes and unexpected program growth;
  4. Bilingual Spanish/English and Portuguese/English agents, all fully trained with extremely low attrition, plus the capability to offer services in other languages like French and German.

Avoid the hassles of running your own Help Desk

Since 1996, ABC Marketing Services offers low priced, innovative help desk solutions to help businesses serve their customers.  Besides Help Desk services, ABC has launched hundreds of successful campaigns for Customer care, Technical Support, Surveys, Appointment-setting, Outbound Sales and Lead Gen in numerous verticals.