Providing efficient collections services is a fundamental part of any enterprise revenue growth model.

Collections is an excellent area to consider for outsourcing, both to save money and to avoid the hassles of managing an internal team.

Members of the ABC management have been providing Revenue Cycle management services since 1974, also known as First Party Debt Collections and Early Outreach services.

During this period, $2.1 Billion in revenues has been recovered for clients.

What are the key benefits of early outreach for collection of receivables?

  1. Increased enterprise cash flow;
  2. Prevention of accounts aging which in turn will require a third-party debt collector;
  3. Studies show early communication improves customer satisfaction levels, even with delinquent accounts;
  4. Greater customer service to determine if there was a product or service issue that may have caused the delinquency in payment;
  5. Improving customer relationships with business and consumers by developing reasonable payment plans, avoiding court action and legal fees;

Avoid the hassles of running your own collections effort

Utilizing a Professional Approach, we have represented major national and international corporations - Commercial Clients: B2B, Consumer Clients:  B2C, Healthcare and Insurance.

Our representatives are professionally trained are PCI and HIPAA (Healthcare) compliant and 100% of calls are recorded and stored.  Production analytics are customized for clients.

Bilingual Spanish/English and Portuguese/English agents help collections process in certain regions of the country.

Pricing varies dependent upon the program- Per Account, Per agent hour, Per “seat”, Blended:  per account combined with production achievement, Percentage.

Since 1996, ABC Marketing Services offers effective collections solutions to help businesses serve their customers better.  Besides Collections, ABC has launched hundreds of successful campaigns for Customer care, Help Desk, Technical Support, Surveys, Appointment-setting, Outbound Sales and Lead Gen in numerous verticals.